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CAN-BEST, The name says it all...

Since 1985

CATS (Computer-Aided Testing System)

Standard Features:

 Handheld computer operation

  Bluetooth wireless communication with handheld

  Easy to use by anyone with minimum training

  and quality control

  Portable for field testing

  Air and water infiltration testing

  Structural Testing (Optional)

  Deflection measurement up to 12 points (Optional)

  Calibrated water spray rack for 8x8 coverage or greater (Optional)

  High quality instrumentation

  Heavy-duty & smart-looking roll-away carrying case

  Calibration Certificate

  Software for monitoring, control, data collection and reporting and for desktop computer synchronization


The Smart-Lab is our most advanced portable research and testing apparatus. It is used for evaluating the air and water tightness and structural performance of windows and doors as per National and international standards. It is fully computerized, and either operated wirelessly using a handheld or desktop computer.